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Benefits of sex with a short woman…


We all  have heard many a ‘short’ people punch lines as we change our underwears. From ‘shawty poop stick’ to ‘ooohh she’s so cute (rubs head)’, it can be somewhat annoying the reaction to what they deem to be ‘short’ (whatever constitutes as ‘short’ . . . In logic we’d say the opposite of short is ‘not short’ instead of tall, since ‘short’ is relative.


Short people have a hard time being taken seriously as our (yes I’m short) height or lack thereof seem to compel being picked on and bullied a lot by people at school, work, in their family (and generally EVERYWHERE!); shorty only can manage to get a slight chuckle when we try to be serious.


BUT! Are there are any benefits to being short? When it comes to sex . . . Yes!



1. Everything is smaller… When it comes to sex smaller is always better!


2. We are easier to manage. With less of us to handle, there is more time and energy to focus on pleasure and not       detangling limbs.


3.Most people are taller than us so they won’t feel awkward….also boast your ego if you fall short in certain areas.


4. Short women feet  are cuter (there goes that word again) in heels. How easy is it to find big cute shoes??


5. If you need a lower back massage we are right there.


6. We are more fun to play with because we fit in small spaces…..try fitting in a cabinet at 6ft!


7. The reverse cowgirl has NEVER been more fun.


8. Less time arguing and more time getting busy because she’s so cute.


9. Short girls have a lower center of gravity, which can be pretty amazing in bed.


Those are just a miniscule amount of the benefits of sex with a short woman. And by short I mean anything under 5ft 4″. If you stop trying to pick up and run off with us or tell us how absolutely puppy cute we are, you will begin to un-wrap the multi-layered goodness of your “shawday”.