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Politics, Silly Season & Ganja


“Well is’t politics time again 
Are you gonna vote now ? 
My people you ah talk 
It’s politics time again 
Are you gonna vote now ?”…..   Buju Banton

The quinquennial and annual silly seasons are upon us at the same time like the blue of the moon and sure enough silliness is in over-drive. How will we fear on the other side of the year is left up to the universe. Some will literally make their load lighter with a lighter and others may seek liquid inspiration, still yet some will choose to hold fast to the “reason for the season”.

Whatever you choose, the next three or so weeks will be memorable.

By now you should be inundated with who to vote for and who has maternal rights to lead; I know I am (impromptu singing of “vote for……”).  If not, apart from being under a rock, should have seen activity or heard of the general elections slated to take place December 29 2011.


Andre Hylton marching with his followers on nomination day December 14th 2011…


Patrice Freeman being hoisted by supporters in St. Thomas..


Rival party supporters in a jubilant mood together…

No trees, light posts and even some business places has been spared the exuberance of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and People’s National Party (PNP) supporters. This is heightened even more by the incoming Christmas season that some consider a “silly season” by itself. Now to be compounded by the blood stirring election process. I have noticed and agree to some extent that this Christmas might be very low key because two bull cyaan rule inna one pen.  I was never big on Christmas but others  are not at all pleased with the decision to have an election at this time of year.

Christmas is considered as a  respite after a year of hassle — grand market, cool out – no politics! This now puts us to some extent in harm’s way. It’s hard to be in curfew or dodging shots at Christmas! But then again between the vu-vu zelaz and the slew of parties common at this time of year; both is one big party.Whichever way fun will be had by all – one way or another.

In spite of the many event postponement, 64% of Jamaicans say that despite the fact that the election has led to political advertisements replacing Christmas carols on the airwaves, they have not changed their plans to vote.  A further 20 % say they are more likely to vote with the election being held in the middle of the Yuletide season while only 12 per cent say the timing of the poll would make them less likely to vote. Four per cent of the respondents were unsure what impact the timing of the election would have on their decision to vote. This according to the Gleaner commissioned Bill Johnson poll.

Therefore we should still see scenes like this.

Christmas cake

Christmas traffic…… fun 😦

Party ting tup up!!


Tis the season at work..

To add to the jolly-ment, a whiff of spiritual inspiration is always welcomed. Even those not overly excited about religion acknowledge the need for the higher level of relief. Whether jumping in politics or at some merry-ness somewhere, the influence of marijuana will be present. The illusive sometime drug is a common factor in both the election procedures and Christmas celebrations. Like the rose among thorns, it should help to cool the tempers,over-excitement and apparently give additional strength to whoever that consume it. Recently ganja has gotten a silver lining with top government officials  reviewing recommendations to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal and religious use in Jamaica. But in the meantime, while politics decide on the status of marijuana and we sip our sorrel and reflect on the passing year, love and respect to all.

Kind Regards……