What’s in a number? 11.11.11


Today is November 11 2011 or 11.11.11…..

Some say it is a symbolic day, and for others it is a special day for celebration while others are just happy it’s Friday. For me it is a day God made so I’m glad.

Dates like 11.11.11 don’t happen very often which is the reason why it has gotten a lot of attention besides an obvious lottery pick. According to astrologers, this date does not signify anything to either time or space. It is viewed as a cultural marker and not cosmic.

The numerical sequence of November 11 holds a special significance in the binary numeral system. The number eleven has a special characteristic in mathematics where it is a prime number. It contains some interesting peculiarities where the number eleven times itself equals a palindrome (reads the same in both directions).

Eleven signifies Revelation and calls us to find our spiritual mastery within ourselves. The doubled ones indicate raising our leadership abilities to a higher spiritual level and seem to call people to their spiritual destiny. Then we have the fact that there are three sets of 11s.

Three moves things forward. Three wants something new to happen. Three breaks out of impasses and forges new paths. Three is the number of process, of working out something in time and space.

So we could say that 11.11.11 indicates an experience of incarnating our unique spiritual identity and assuming responsibility for our world and unite with others for global unity.

11.11.11 is special because the day comes around once every 100 years, meaning tomorrow is the only time many people will be alive to experience the unique date.

The movie 11.11.11 will be released on the 11.11.11. It follows a famed American author whose wife and child are killed. He keeps seeing the number 11 and soon realizes 11.11.11 is more than just a date, it’s a warning.

The date is seen as being  lucky and many people around the world have chosen to make it their wedding date.

The number 11.11.11 is a classic example of apothecia, the human urge to see patterns in essentially random events. This is kind of what I’m doing now.

A group from the Netherlands has declared the 11.11.11 the third world day of interconnectedness and has a number of events.

Being on the cusp of another supposedly cosmic phenom and Jamaica’s 50th Independence anniversary tongues next year will be even more epic. Whether or not you believe in the predictions, the time, date or day it  will come and go without effort so I suggest we do the same.

So I ask, what’s in a number? Apparently a lot.

Until then TGIF!



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